About Me

I am an software engineer with a focus on infrastructure, automation, and continuous integration/deployment. I currently work at Meta as an infrastructure-focused SWE, and have previously worked as the technical founder of a venture-backed SaaS startup, a software engineer at Meta, and a scientist at UC Berkeley, where I earned my Ph.D.

I have broad technical experience in core software engineering, web development, networking, messaging, DevOps, bare-metal and container-based infrastructure management. My most proficient languages are python, C++, and TypeScript in that order..

I love teaching and mentoring, and am a strong force for the dissemination of domain knowledge in whatever organization I am a part of.

What makes me unique?

  • Empathetic and Inclusive

    I care about the people around me, and thrive on their success and helping them achieve their goals. I believe the best ideas come from creating psychological safety, and the best ideas I've ever used have come from other people.

  • Independently Driven

    I don't think I have ever been told exactly what to do or how to do it. Point me in a general direction and I'll forge the path to get you there. I've been doing it for over a decade.

  • Excellent Communicator

    As a longtime teacher and educator, I am unusually good at breaking down complexity and explaining concepts to technical and non-technical people alike what the core, and I regularly lead technical workshops.


I have worked across industries, with a focus on software engineering, DevOps, and electronics.

Want to see some examples of my work? Check out my Github or click on the link below.

  • >1000 Commits
  • >40 Projects
  • 8 Years Experience
  • >200,000 LOC
  • >50 Github Stars


Software Engineer @ Meta: 2023 - Present

Why I took the job: The opportunity to learn how software development is done at a modern tech giant, and work on some really cool, cutting-edge technology with people at the top of their game.
What I love: The people are excellent, the culture is healthy and positive and outcome-oriented. The scale and complexity of the work is also awesome.
What I am learning: Exactly what I was hoping for.

Co-founder and CTO @ Axle Repair: 2022 - 2023

Why I took the job: I had always wanted to start my own company. I wanted to learn how companies evolve, how systems and cultures are created, how capital is raised, and how customers problems are found and solved.
What I loved: Hirinig and managing a team. Learning huge amounts of technical and non-technical information, and having to retain and use it every day. Most of all, being able to solve real problems for real people, and seeing their excitement at what we were building.
What I learned: How to ingest huge amounts of information in a small amonut of time and retain nearly all of it (I have a whole system now). I learned that I value people above material success, and want to take care of those I am responsible for. How modern web development is done.

Graduate student researcher @ UC Berkeley: 2018 - 2022

Why I took the job: My technical education just felt so unfinished. I was hungry to learn more of the fundamentals - of electronic systems, software systems, and complexity itself. I wanted to understand how science was actually done, how software was maintained and created, and how to provide effective higher education.
What I loved: The team at the Marvell Nanofabrication facility. Those are some of the most top-tier human beings I have ever worked with. Also getting to do cutting-edge science with expensive toys was fun. And the math - loved the math :).
What I learned: How to break down, analyze, and understand complex systems. How to work with tremendous uncertainty, how to fail quickly and learn from failures, and how to manage projects in the presence of significant unknowns.

R&D Intern @ Modern Electron: 2021

Why I took the job: The opportunity to work on a pressing problem in a space I knew nothing about (energy) and on new things and with technology I had never worked with. Also the opportunity to work with Max Mankin and Alex Pearse. Both incredible human beings.
What I loved: The work culture was incredibly positive. Management was supportive, the people hired were excellent at what they do and cared about each other. A great work environment. Washington state was also a beautiful place to live.
What I learned: How to move fast in a startup environment. How to decide when analysis is "good enough" to move on, and how to interface with many other people and vendors to get things done.